The Vieira Brothers

The Vieira Brothers, Douglas and Roger Vieira relocated to England from Santa Catarina, Brazil. They're now competing in the British Downhill Series and World Cup Events. Last season had them debut in the World Cup Series, returning to South America saw Roger winning the American Continental Championship and Douglas securing a win in Mexico.

Roger Vieira

Age: 23 years old

Born: 03 November 1994

Birth place: Içara - Brazil - Santa Catarina

Instagram: rogervieira8

Facebook: roger Vieira

Roger Vieira started racing at age of 6 with a BMX bike in the Cross Country discipline. When he reached 12 years old he switched to Downhill and started his dream to become an Elite DH racer. He went on to become the Brazilian overall Junior champion in 2012 at the age of 17.

His later achievements were: 2nd place in the south American championship in 2013 (Elite category) 3RD place in the Brazilian cup Overall in 2013 (Elite category)

After becoming a consistent top 5 rider in Brazil he moved to UK to further his skill.

Since November 2016 he has achieved some of his proudest and best results. American Continental Champion in 2016. Best UCI World Cup result was a top 40th in Lourdes. He became the “English” Champion by winning the English Championships . (Based on where you live and not where you were born.) Finished 9th overall in the 2017 British Downhill series Elite category.